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World Cup Day 1

With the world cup kicking off tomorrow I wanted to have the opportunity to have all the memories from this great spectacle of sport written down forever. However instead of writing about each individual fixture I wanted to create a challenge that would be both fun to follow and write about. Starting with $50 US dollars I will attempt to grow my balance by betting on each world cup fixture with the goal of reach $500 or 10x my initial investment. Starting with Russia vs Saudi Arabia I begin my journey. Below are the rules I will follow. Feel free to join along and comment the idiotic or brilliant bets I make throughout this month.  Lets all have fun and keep this going until the final on July 15!


  • For odds and bets I will use Bovada. The link is a referal link, if your not into that please sign up individually or simply use another site. My odds and bets will be based on the offering they have.
  • I will never bet more than 33% of my total balance in one day. *Unless my balance falls below $10.
  • No Parleys/Accumulators
  • No more than 1 bet per match
  • No futures


Bets will always be posted at approx 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Look out for my reddit posts -/u/itbeg

Bets for Opening Day – Day 1 

Balance $50.00


Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Russia Win 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1 @2.1 

$10.00 to win $11.00

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